Weave Wishes of Luck and Peace into Every Bead

Crafting More Than Just Bracelets – Crafting Blessings

Bracelets have always been one of the most versatile accessories, capable of reflecting individual style while also being imbued with meanings of luck and prosperity. At Quynh Workshop, we promise both and something even more special – the chance for you to be the designer and creator of your own luck and blessings!

With a selection of high-quality European glass beads, showcasing a variety of patterns, colors (strictly no plastic beads here!), and handcrafted lampwork beads made by skilled artisans, Quynh Workshop offers an unparalleled bead threading experience. While the concept of our workshop is simple, we guarantee a journey that is simple yet profoundly meaningful like never before.

Handmade bracelets are familiar to us, but imagine how wonderful it would be if they could also embody luck, blessings, and the heartfelt intentions of the maker!

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to Bead Types: Discover the different types of beads available, including the significance of glass vs. plastic and the beauty of handcrafted lampwork beads.

  • Design Principles: Learn how to design a bracelet that not only looks good but also carries a personal or symbolic meaning.

  • Threading Techniques: Master the art of bead threading for durability and aesthetics, ensuring your bracelet can be worn daily.

  • Finishing Touches: Techniques for securely fastening and finishing your bracelet to professional standards.




Materials Provided:

  • An exquisite selection of European glass beads in various patterns and colors.

  • Unique, artisan-crafted lampwork beads, each with its distinct charm.

  • All necessary tools for bracelet making, including threading materials and clasps.

  • Guidance on how to infuse your creation with intentions of luck and peace.


Creating a beaded bracelet at Quynh Workshop is more than just an act of fashion—it's a deeply personal experience that allows you to channel your wishes and intentions into something tangible. Whether you're crafting a piece for yourself or as a gift for someone dear, each bracelet serves as a wearable token of love, luck, and tranquility.

Join us for a session filled with creativity, relaxation, and the joy of making. Let's thread beads, weave blessings, and create a piece that's as meaningful as it is beautiful. This workshop is your opportunity to blend artistry with spirituality, crafting a masterpiece that carries more than just aesthetic value—it carries your heart and hopes.

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