Unleash Your Personal Style


Celebrate Individuality with Every Stroke

What could be more splendid than owning a bag, a shirt, or a face mask that is entirely unique to you, unmatched by any other item in the market? Every stroke of paint on fabric is an act of creation, erasing the notion that you lack artistic flair. Why not treat yourself to the finest things this weekend?

"I can't paint well, what should I do?" This concern echoes among many who step into Quynh Workshop, feeling tentative about their artistic abilities. Our response? WORRY NOT! With Quynh Workshop by your side, there's no need for concern. We boast a team of exceptional staff and provide high-quality canvas bags, soft and durable fabric items, non-fading acrylic paints, and dedicated after-service once your masterpiece is complete.

What You Will Learn:

  • Fabric Painting Basics: An introduction to the tools and techniques needed for fabric painting, ensuring a strong foundation for beginners.

  • Design and Inspiration: Guidance on how to conceptualize and transfer your unique designs onto fabric, turning your vision into reality.

  • Color Mixing and Application Techniques: Master the art of mixing acrylic paints to achieve the perfect shades and learn the best practices for applying them to fabric.

  • Finishing and Care: Tips on how to set your paint and care for your painted fabric items, ensuring longevity and vibrancy.

Materials Provided:

  • High-quality canvas bags and fabric items, ready to be transformed into your personal canvas.

  • A palette of vibrant, non-fading acrylic paints suitable for fabric painting.

  • Brushes, stencils, and all necessary tools to unleash your creativity.

  • Step-by-step guidance from our experienced staff, ensuring a supportive and enriching painting experience.

This workshop is more than just a painting class; it's an opportunity to express your individuality, to create something that speaks of who you are. Whether you doubt your artistic skills or are eager to explore your creative potential, Quynh Workshop is here to ensure your journey is as fulfilling as the final piece.

Join us for a session of creativity, self-expression, and fun. Let's brush away the doubts and paint our way to personal masterpieces that we can wear, carry, and showcase with pride. This weekend, gift yourself the joy of creating something beautiful, personal, and entirely yours.

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