Cup Candle Workshop

Quoc Viet recently hosted a delightful workshop where simplicity and creativity met in the form of cup candles. With a cozy gathering of 10 participants, the atmosphere was intimate and joyful, as individuals from various walks of life came together to learn the art of candle-making.

Amidst laughter and stories, each person carefully chose colors, scents, and decorations to create their unique candle. The small size of the group allowed for personal attention and guidance, ensuring that each candle was not just a creation but a personal statement.

The act of pouring wax into cups became a metaphor for pouring out one's heart – a process that was therapeutic and revealing. Each finished product was not merely a source of light but also a beacon of the creator's personality and inner light.

This workshop at Quoc Viet was a reminder of the beauty that can be found in simple pleasures and the shared warmth that crafting together can bring. It was a heartwarming experience that illuminated not just the room but also the spirits of all those who participated.

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