A Two-Day Resin Coaster Workshop for a Prestigious Beauty Brand

In the serene ambiance of a yacht gently swaying on the Saigon River, an exclusive two-day workshop was held for a top beauty brand, renowned for its elegance and luxury. This event was a unique blend of artistry and personalized attention, where each VIP guest was gifted with more than just a product—they were provided with an experience.

The workshop focused on creating dried flower resin coasters, each delicately handcrafted and thoughtfully customized with the name of the guest, making every piece as exclusive and individual as the recipients themselves. The beauty of the dried flowers encapsulated in resin represented the brand's dedication to beauty and perfection, resonating with the core values that have propelled the brand to its prestigious status.

As the VIPs engaged in the craft, the atmosphere was filled with a sense of tranquility and joy, a stark contrast to the bustling city flowing by outside. This workshop was more than just an appreciation of art; it was a celebration of the guests' connection to the beauty brand—a brand that stands at the intersection of nature's timeless allure and the epitome of human craftsmanship.

The coasters served as a lasting memento of the experience, a symbol of the brand's commitment to providing not just beauty products, but moments of beauty in their clients' lives. Each coaster, like the brand itself, was a testament to the harmony between elegance and exclusivity.

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