Crafting Memories with Dried Flowers and Resin

Nguyen Kim, renowned for its commitment to nurturing the community, recently hosted a heartwarming workshop for 40 of its members, designed and delivered by QUYNHWORKSHOP. In an atmosphere filled with anticipation and joy, participants embarked on a creative endeavor, immersing themselves in the delicate art of encapsulating dried flowers in resin to create stunning coasters.

As the workshop unfolded, each person carefully selected flowers, thoughtfully arranging them to capture a moment in time, a memory to cherish. Guided by the skilled artisans from QUYNHWORKSHOP, participants mixed resin and expertly layered it with their chosen flora, creating not just coasters, but keepsakes filled with sentiment and story.

The room was alive with the sharing of techniques and tales, as the Nguyen Kim family connected over shared passions and newly discovered talents. There was a profound sense of community as each coaster set, with its unique floral arrangement, told a personal story, a narrative woven by the hands of its creator.

This gathering was more than a simple craft session; it was a testament to Nguyen Kim's investment in the personal and collective growth of its people. It showcased the company's belief in the power of art to bring people together, to foster bonds, and to build a sense of belonging.

As the workshop came to a close, participants left with more than just their floral resin coasters; they carried with them the warmth of shared experiences, the pride of creation, and the strength of the Nguyen Kim community. This event stood as a beacon of how crafting can transcend being a mere hobby, becoming a medium for connection, creativity, and the celebration of collective spirit.

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