A Celebration of Creativity and Team Spirit

As the Halloween season approached, Money Forward embraced the festive spirit with a special workshop in collaboration with QUYNHWORKSHOP. The event was a delightful blend of creativity and camaraderie, as 46 participants gathered to craft Halloween-themed resin coasters, each piece a playful nod to the spooky season.

The vibrant workspace buzzed with energy, laughter, and the chatter of colleagues turned crafters for the day. Guided by the skilled artisans from QUYNHWORKSHOP, the Money Forward team delved into the world of resin art, discovering the joy of creating something tangible and artistic with their own hands.

This workshop was more than just an arts and crafts session; it was an opportunity for team members to bond outside the confines of their regular work environment. The coasters they created served as a canvas for their imagination, with ghostly silhouettes, eerie landscapes, and autumnal hues encapsulating the essence of Halloween.

As they worked together, mixing, pouring, and adding embellishments to their coasters, a sense of unity and shared purpose filled the room. The event highlighted Money Forward's commitment to fostering a workplace culture that values creativity, collaboration, and the well-being of its employees.

The Halloween workshop ended with a gallery of unique coasters, each a testament to the creativity of the Money Forward team. But more importantly, it was a day that enriched the participants with a memorable experience, demonstrating that when a company invests in the creative growth of its people, the rewards extend far beyond the finished product.

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