THISO Mall's Dried Flowers Frame Workshop

THISO Mall’s recent event was a heartfelt gathering where creativity and remembrance intertwined, hosting 25 participants in a Dried Flowers Frame Workshop. Within the lively hum of the mall, a tranquil oasis was created, where people from all walks of life came together to frame their cherished memories amidst the everlasting beauty of dried flowers.

Under the soft glow of ambient lighting, the participants, guided by the adept hands of QUYNHWORKSHOP's artisans, carefully selected and arranged an array of dried blooms. Each flower, with its unique hue and form, was chosen not only for its beauty but also for the special memory it signified. The workshop became a canvas where stories of love, joy, and sometimes nostalgia were silently told through the delicate petals and leaves.

As they placed each flower onto the frames, the participants were weaving a tapestry of moments that would stand still in time. Parents and children, friends, and solo artisans all found common ground in the language of art and the shared experience of preserving something precious.

THISO Mall, more than just a venue for shopping, transformed into a space where the community could engage in an activity that touched the soul. The Dried Flowers Frame Workshop wasn’t just a craft session; it was a celebration of life's fleeting moments captured forever in bloom. Each framed masterpiece left the mall that day, not as a mere souvenir, but as a personal museum piece, rich with the participant's own narratives and emotions.

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