Capturing Nature's Beauty in Wood

Welcome to our Dried Flower Framing Workshop, a serene escape into the world of botanical art where the timeless beauty of nature meets the rustic charm of wood frames. Designed for nature lovers, craft enthusiasts, and anyone in between, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to create a personalized piece of art that brings the natural world into your home.

Introduction to Botanical Art:

  • Dive into the delicate art of preserving and framing dried flowers. Learn about the history and significance of botanical art, and how it serves as a bridge between nature, art, and personal expression.

Preservation Techniques:

  • Master the techniques of flower pressing and drying to preserve the beauty, color, and texture of various blooms. Understand the importance of choosing the right flowers for drying, and how different preservation methods can affect the final artwork.

Design and Composition:

  • Explore the principles of design and composition to create visually striking framed botanical art. Gain insights into arranging flowers for balance, harmony, and aesthetic appeal within your wood frame.

Wood Frame Crafting:

  • Delve into the rustic world of wood frames. Learn how to select the perfect frame for your dried flower arrangement, considering size, color, and style. Get hands-on experience in preparing and customizing your wood frame to complement your botanical art.

Assembly and Preservation:

  • Assemble your dried flower masterpiece with step-by-step guidance. Learn techniques to secure your flowers in place, and discover the best methods for sealing and protecting your framed art from the elements, ensuring it lasts for years to come.

What You Will Gain:

  • A Unique Art Piece: Create your own dried flower art piece, encased in a beautiful wood frame, ready to display in your home or give as a thoughtful, handmade gift.

  • New Skills: From drying and pressing flowers to designing and assembling a framed masterpiece, you'll leave the workshop with a new set of skills in botanical art and wood framing.

  • A Deeper Connection with Nature: Gain a new appreciation for the beauty of flowers and the therapeutic joy of working with natural elements.

  • Relaxation and Fulfillment: Enjoy the meditative process of arranging flowers and the satisfaction of crafting something beautiful by hand.

Workshop Details:

  • Duration: This half-day workshop covers approximately 4 hours, allowing for a relaxed pace and personalized attention.

  • Skill Level: Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike. No prior experience in flower drying or framing is required.

  • Materials Provided: All materials, including a selection of flowers, wood frames, and preservation tools, will be supplied. Participants are welcome to bring any special flowers they wish to preserve and frame.

  • Location: Join us in our cozy, inspiring studio space, designed to spark creativity and connection with nature.

  • Instructor: Led by experienced botanical artists and woodcrafters passionate about sharing the beauty of dried flower art.

Our Dried Flower Framing Workshop is more than just a class; it's an experience—a chance to slow down, engage with the natural world, and create something truly beautiful and lasting. Whether you're looking for a creative outlet, a meaningful way to preserve memories, or simply a fun day out, this workshop is for you.

Embrace the art of nature. Reserve your spot today, and let's create something beautiful together.

Join Us for a Day of Nature, Art, and Creativity

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