KMS Corporate Crafting Workshop: Crafting Beauty and Precision in Every Detail



KMS's partnership with QUYNHWORKSHOP was a creative endeavor that went beyond mere team-building – it was a journey into the artistry of resin work, where precision and detail are paramount. As team members gathered around the workshop tables, they were introduced to the delicate process of making resin combs and jewelry, where every choice of color and every inclusion of design was a decision that mattered.

Under the guidance of experienced crafters, KMS staff were not just making accessories; they were weaving the core values of their tech-driven company into tangible artifacts. The resin combs they created were not just tools, but symbols of the meticulousness and attention to detail that KMS prides itself on. The jewelry was not just adornment but a representation of the beauty that can arise from patience and precision.


As they mixed, poured, and set their creations, the participants found a reflective space to appreciate the nuances of their daily work. The parallels between the resin's transformation and software development – both requiring careful layering and an understanding of the end-user – were not lost on them.

The KMS workshop with QUYNHWORKSHOP became more than a day's activity; it was a metaphorical representation of their work ethic and a celebration of their craft. The participants left not only with unique, self-made resin pieces but also with a renewed appreciation for the craftsmanship inherent in their roles, a reminder of the beauty in precision that KMS embodies in the tech industry.

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