The Luminous Essence of Mesopotamia

Discover the Sparkling Elegance of Mosaics

Dive into the radiant world of Mosaic art, where the gleam of carved stones on wooden trays meets the pristine purity of white plaster… Mosaic art stands as a testament to the exquisite blend of colors, offering a fresh perspective unlike any other. Simple in its method but profound in its impact, Quynh Workshop brings you the finest materials to shape your very own mosaic masterpiece.

Originating from the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia, Mosaic art, also known as the art of embedding, is one of humanity's oldest decorative forms. Initially, it was merely an assembly of small stones or pebbles. Today, it has evolved into a sophisticated art form, blending pieces of colored glass, stones, and other materials to create intricate designs and patterns. Our workshop hopes to leave you with not just a profound appreciation for this ancient art but also beautiful creations that encapsulate the essence of a rich historical heritage.

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What You Will Learn:

  • History and Basics of Mosaic Art: An introduction to the origins of mosaic and its evolution from simple pebble arrangements to elaborate artistic expressions.

  • Material Selection and Preparation: Guidance on choosing the right materials for your project, including the significance of different stones, glasses, and the role of plaster in setting your mosaic.

  • Design and Layout Techniques: Learn how to plan and execute your mosaic design, from simple abstract patterns to more complex imagery.

  • Application and Finishing: Master the techniques of applying your chosen materials to the base, followed by grouting and polishing to complete your piece.

Materials Provided:

  • A selection of sparkling stones and glass pieces in various colors.

  • Wooden trays and other bases ready for your mosaic creation.

  • High-quality white plaster for setting your mosaic pieces.

  • Tools for cutting, arranging, and applying mosaic materials.

  • Protective gear to ensure a safe and comfortable crafting experience. 


Join us at Quynh Workshop for an unforgettable Mosaic Workshop, where you'll not only create a unique piece of art but also connect with the deep historical roots of this fascinating craft. Whether you're an art enthusiast looking to explore new mediums or simply in search of a meaningful way to express your creativity, our workshop offers an enriching experience that combines artistic expression with a touch of history.

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