Crafting Memories at OTO Truong Hai

At OTO Truong Hai, a premier car display mall renowned for showcasing the elegance of travel, a heartwarming workshop brought together car enthusiasts and craft lovers. The event, orchestrated by the creative minds at QUYNHWORKSHOP, was a celebration of journeys and adventures, captured not just in memory but in art. Thirty-five participants, surrounded by the latest in automotive excellence, settled into crafting their own dried flower frames. It was a day where the love for travel met the beauty of preservation, each frame a personal canvas, a freeze-frame of individual stories told through petals and leaves. The workshop, replete with the scent of flowers and the camaraderie of shared passions, turned into an exquisite gallery of framed trips. Each piece stood as a testament to where these souls had ventured, both on the roads and within their hearts. The event at OTO Truong Hai didn’t just display cars; it showcased life’s treasured moments, encased within the delicate bounds of resin and flora, a memento of where they've been and the dreams of roads yet to be travelled.

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