In the bustling heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, lies a creative oasis known as QUYNHWORKSHOP. Founded in June 2022 by the visionary Quynh Vo, our workshop hub has become a beacon of creativity and learning for individuals across a broad spectrum of ages and backgrounds. At QUYNHWORKSHOP, our core belief is that creativity knows no bounds. It's a space where Millennials, Gen Z, office workers, and kids discover the joy of making, the thrill of creativity, and the peace that comes from immersing oneself in the art of DIY crafts.


To be the premier partner of choice for educational institutions, organizations, and local communities by facilitating opportunities for creativity, self-expression, and empowerment through our support in meeting their outsourcing needs.


Our mission is to offer bespoke DIY workshop experiences tailored to meet the creative needs of individuals and organizations across the DIY spectrum. Our carefully designed programs and workshops aim to serve diverse groups, providing enriching and achievable learning experiences that foster creativity.

We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, imaginative, and inclusive environment that encourages individuals of all ages, from children to adults, to relax, create, and express themselves. Our workshops are a sanctuary where participants can rejuvenate, experiment with new crafts, ignite their imaginations, and transform their innovative ideas into tangible products. We are committed to nurturing hidden talents, offering guidance and support that inspires our customers to unlock their potential and achieve personal growth.

Our Workshops

The essence of QUYNHWORKSHOP lies in its diverse offerings. Our main activities encompass a wide array of DIY scented candles and soaps, air-dry clay trays and figurines, resin keychains and coasters, ruffled wool embroidery with punch needles, and vibrant T-shirt and tote-bag paintings. Each workshop is designed to cater to different interests and skill levels, ensuring that there's something for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned crafter looking to refine your skills or a complete novice eager to dip your toes into the world of DIY, our workshops provide the guidance, materials, and environment you need to succeed and have fun.

QCROCHET: A World of Handcrafted Wonders

Complementing our workshop offerings is QCROCHET, our niche brand dedicated to the art of crochet. Hesre, we craft and sell an enchanting variety of crocheted products, including delicate flowers and whimsical dolls. Each piece is a testament to the skill, patience, and creativity of our artisans. Our physical shop in Ho Chi Minh City, alongside our online presence on Etsy, Amazon, and Shopee, showcases our passion for crochet, offering both finished products and patterns for those who wish to embark on their own crochet adventures.

Q-RATED GIFTS: Curating Personalized Experiences

The newest addition to our creative family is Q-RATED GIFTS, a venture that brings together the best of QUYNHWORKSHOP and QCROCHET. Through Q-RATED GIFTS, we offer personalized mixed gift sets, curating items from our workshops and crochet collection to create unique, thoughtful presents for any occasion. Although in its nascent stages, Q-RATED GIFTS embodies our commitment to spreading joy and creativity through personalized, handcrafted gifts.

Our Founder: Quynh Vo

At the heart of our creative empire is Quynh Vo, whose vision, passion, and dedication have brought QUYNHWORKSHOP to life. Quynh's journey is one of inspiration, driven by a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of creativity. Under her guidance, QUYNHWORKSHOP has not only become a space for learning and making but also a community where individuals come together to share, inspire, and support each other in their creative pursuits.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, our goal is to continue to expand our reach, to touch more lives with the joy of crafting, and to build a community that celebrates creativity in all its forms. We are constantly exploring new workshop themes, expanding our product lines, and seeking ways to make our offerings more accessible to a global audience.

In our vision for the future, sustainability is a cornerstone of our expansion and creativity. We are committed to integrating eco-friendly practices in all aspects of QUYNHWORKSHOP, QCROCHET, and Q-RATED GIFTS. From sourcing sustainable materials for our workshops and products to implementing environmentally conscious packaging, our aim is to minimize our ecological footprint while maximizing the joy and fulfillment that crafting brings. As we explore new horizons, our dedication to sustainability will guide us, ensuring that our community not only thrives in creativity but also contributes positively to the well-being of our planet. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and creatively fulfilling future.

Join Our Community

We believe that everyone has a creative spark waiting to be ignited. Whether you're local to Ho Chi Minh City or joining us from afar, there's a place for you in our community. Explore our workshops, browse our crocheted creations, or find the perfect gift at Q-RATED GIFTS. At QUYNHWORKSHOP, your next creative adventure awaits.

Meet Our Team:

Kim Thuy:

As our Crochet Professional, Kim Thuy weaves her deep expertise into each stitch, shaping the QCROCHET line with her intricate designs and exceptional craftsmanship, guiding our team to create pieces that are as beautiful as they are beloved by our customers.


Ngoc Ngan:

As the Corporate Customers Training Coach, Ngoc Ngan brings her expertise to QUYNHWORKSHOP by crafting specialized programs that cater to the dynamic needs of corporate clients, fostering creativity within professional teams.

Trong Luan:

With a sharp eye for market trends, Trong Luan, our Sales and Online Marketing expert, drives our digital presence and ensures our unique crafts reach a wider, appreciative audience online.

Hoang Ngan:

With a dual flair for Graphic and Interior Design, Nonney infuses aesthetics and functionality into our spaces and materials, enriching the visual and tactile experience of our crafts. She brings a visually striking brand identity to life, communicating our story through every design element.


Chau Giang, Lan Anh, Mai Anh, Dong Dao and Nhat Trang:

Our Workshop Coaches, are the creative force behind our engaging workshop curricula, constantly innovating to offer fresh and exciting workshop experiences for all participants.




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