Higuchi Sushi & Grill’s Resin Keychain Workshop for Kids

Nestled within the serene ambiance of Higuchi Sushi & Grill, a delightful workshop unfolded, blending the art of culinary finesse with the joys of crafting. The Resin Keychain Workshop, tailored for the imaginative minds of children, saw 22 young artisans gather around tables not for a meal, but for an adventure in creativity.

Under the guidance of skilled instructors from QUYNHWORKSHOP, the children embarked on a journey of discovery, their small hands deftly mixing, pouring, and setting colorful resin into shapes that spoke to their young spirits. The sushi and grill tables, typically laden with the day’s catch, now cradled an array of glitters, dyes, and molds, transforming into vibrant stations of artistry.

Each finished keychain was a testament to the boundless imagination of its creator - a sparkling memento that held within it the laughter and concentration of its making. Higuchi’s commitment to providing a family-friendly experience was reflected in the delighted faces of both kids and parents, who found in this workshop a perfect blend of play, learning, and family bonding.

As the workshop concluded, each child left with a personalized piece of art, a treasure that would remind them of a day spent in the joyful pursuit of creativity at Higuchi, where every experience is crafted with heart and care.

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