FPT's Resin Keychain Workshop on International Women's Day

FPT celebrated International Women's Day with grace and creativity by organizing a resin keychain workshop as a tribute to the strength and beauty of women. In a room filled with 56 participants, there was a palpable sense of unity and appreciation for the diverse group of women who contribute tirelessly to their fields.

This workshop was designed as a token of gratitude, acknowledging the unique roles women play in the corporate world and beyond. As each woman carefully poured resin into molds, added colors, and selected embellishments, there was more than just keychains taking form—there was the pouring of admiration, the mixing of respect, and the creation of solidarity.

The event provided a space for reflection and relaxation, away from the daily demands of professional life. It was an opportunity for women to connect with their colleagues in a setting that fostered creativity and joy. As they crafted, they shared stories, celebrated each other's achievements, and most importantly, took a moment to recognize their own worth.

The bespoke keychains crafted that day were not just accessories but symbols of empowerment—a reminder of FPT's commitment to honoring the integral role of women in shaping the future. This Women's Day, FPT didn't just give a nod to equality; they offered a space where women's contributions were truly celebrated.

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