Cup Candle & Sculptural Candle Crafting Workshop

Embrace the Warmth, Craft the Light

Imagine returning home after a long day's work or study, lighting a fragrant cup candle, and sinking into your bed to enjoy a moment of serene relaxation. There's something incredibly special about that experience, especially when the candle was crafted by your own hands. The joy of creating something beautiful and functional is unmatched, isn't it?

Transform your weekends from mundane to magical with our Cup Candle & Sculptural Candle Crafting Workshop at Quynh Workshop. It's time to heal the soul and connect with loved ones, setting aside the daily worries, the constant buzzing of phones, and the dullness of technology. Let the gentle, sweet aroma of handmade candles transport you to new realms, creating unforgettable experiences, particularly with those you hold dear.

What This Workshop Offers

At Quynh Workshop, we're thrilled to guide you through the enchanting process of creating your very own scented candle jar, starting from the initial steps of mixing fragrances to mastering the basics of candle making. Choose the right type of wax, adjust temperatures perfectly, and personalize your candle with decorations that speak to your soul. If the traditional candle in a cup is too familiar for your taste, why not shape delightful little cakes with a variety of designs, including cream cakes, tart cakes, cheesecakes, dry flower candle pillars, or even adorable ramen bowl candles?

Forget not, Quynh Workshop offers an array of essential oils and a plethora of exciting activities with countless toppings to decorate your very own scented candle. Why hesitate? Click the registration button below and embark on a journey of relaxation, creativity, and connection.

Sculptural Candle Mastery:

Venture beyond the cup and into the realm of imagination with our sculptural candle making. Craft whimsical shapes that bring joy and light to any corner of your home. Whether it's a piece that mimics your favorite dessert or a floral pillar that evokes a blooming garden, the possibilities are endless.

Decorative Delights: Dive into our treasure trove of toppings and decorative options to make your candle truly yours. From embedding beautiful dried flowers to sprinkling a dash of glitter, your candle will be a testament to your creativity and style.


What Participants Will Learn:

  • Fundamentals of Candle Making: Discover the basics of candle crafting, including the types of waxes (soy, beeswax, paraffin), the importance of melting temperatures, and safety measures.

  • Cup Candle Techniques: Master the art of creating classic cup candles, choosing from a variety of fragrances and colors to personalize your creation.

  • Sculptural Candle Artistry: Dive into the creative process of sculptural candle making, learning how to mold and shape candles into unique forms and structures.

  • Decorative Elements: Explore ways to embellish your candles with decorative accents, making each piece a true work of art.

  • Finishing and Curing: Learn the final steps to ensure your candles set correctly, including curing times and tips for a perfect finish.

Materials Provided:

  • A selection of high-quality waxes suitable for both cup and sculptural candles.

  • An array of fragrance oils and dyes to customize your candles.

  • Molds and tools necessary for shaping sculptural candles.

  • Candle wicks, wick holders, and containers for cup candles.

  • Comprehensive guidebook with instructions, tips, and techniques to continue your candle making journey at home.

Workshop Details:

  • Duration: 4 hours of pure creativity and fun.

  • Take Home: Not just one, but two candles that are a reflection of your personality and creativity, along with a guidebook filled with tips and tricks for at-home candle making.

Light up your life with more than just a candle—create a beacon of joy, relaxation, and connection. Join us at Quynh Workshop for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where each candle you craft is a journey to new memories and delights. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Click below to register and let your candle-making adventure begin!


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