Shopee's Artisanal Candle and Coaster Workshop

Shopee’s engaging team-building session took a dive into the world of artisan crafts with a vibrant Cake Candles and Resin Coasters Workshop. Held within the bustling marketplace’s headquarters, 40 employees traded algorithms and analytics for wicks and resin, channeling their collaborative spirit into a symphony of handcrafted beauty.

The air was rich with the scent of sweet wax and the buzz of excited chatter as participants poured their artistic visions into candle molds and coaster designs. Led by the passionate artisans from QUYNHWORKSHOP, each Shopee team member discovered the meticulous joy of creating something tangible and beautiful by hand.

The vibrant cake candles, crafted with layers of colorful wax, symbolized the layered success of Shopee's diverse team, while the sleek resin coasters reflected the clarity and solidity of their common goals. This creative session was not just about crafting objects but about reinforcing the bonds that make Shopee a unique place to work, where innovation meets individuality.

As the workshop concluded, each participant left with more than just a candle or coaster. They carried with them a renewed sense of unity, a tangible piece of collective creativity, and the heartwarming reminder that together, they can mold and shape not only the future of e-commerce but also beautiful memories.

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