Cup Candles and Resin Coasters Workshop

At C-Pus English, the language of creativity speaks volumes. It was a heartwarming sight to behold as 55 eager participants – students and teachers alike – gathered for a hands-on workshop that was as enlightening as it was enjoyable. The blend of cup candle making and resin coaster crafting turned the classroom into a vibrant studio of expression and learning.

The cup candle segment of the workshop illuminated the senses as each person poured their imagination into creating candles that were as unique as their makers. The soothing scents and the soft glow of the candles symbolized the light of knowledge that C-Pus English strives to ignite in every learner.

Transitioning to the resin coasters, participants explored the fluid art of resin, encapsulating blossoms and bursts of color that reflected the diversity and vibrancy of the English language. Each coaster, set to harden by the day’s end, was a testament to the enduring journey of education – a clear and solid foundation, yet filled with the vivid colors of individual experiences.

This workshop was more than just an artistic endeavor; it was a celebration of the beauty in learning and the joy in creating. It served as a reminder that at C-Pus English, every educational experience is crafted to inspire and that every creation is a story worth telling.

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